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Viewing Deck  Proposal

The Association recieved $50,000 from the Royalties for Regions scheme as a Labour government election promise. The MBCA Committee determined that this funding was to be used on the installation of a viewing deck similar to the San Remo viewing platform. 
It is proposed that the deck will extend 18m from the existing Pat and Les Viewing Platform located next to the carpark opposite Madora bay Tavern, Sabina Drive. This platform will  bring the water to the people.
There is no provision to move the installation to another location.

The Deck will be made of  Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) mini mesh and it will meet a 20 year life span. The Deck will have a shelf  and 3 bar stools allowing residents to sit and enjoy the sunsets as well as a bench seat at the back of the platform. 

It is proposed that the installation will be completed by mid year depending on the outcome of the consulation process.

The community has the opportunity to provide comment or seek feedback by emailing Residents have until the 31st January to provide comment.

Small Scale Pump Track

The MBCA Committee has been working with the City of Mandurah in the upgrade and improvements to Coote Reserve Sporting Facility on Challenger Rd.  The City had an allocation of funding from the Royalties for Regions to improve Coote Reserve. The MBCA Committee recommended an option to install a small scale kids pump track that can be used for BMXs and scooters. 

Why a Pump Track?
The City of Mandurah in discussion with the MBCA Committee began an improvements program to re-activate Coote Reserve Sporting complex as a high use community space. Fencing was replaced on the Basketball courts, markings painted, lighting replaced on a timer, cricket nets replaced and water fountain installed. Tennis nets are now permanently installed and open for public use. One concern the MBCA had was that children were creating ramps and jumps for scooters and bikes on roads and footpaths and there wasn’t a space kids could play safely. Children had also created make shift tracks at Harry Perry Park and bush tracks at Tranby Street nature reserve. 

The MBCA Committee suggested a pump track could be installed similar to the one installed at Baldivis (Video below). The track is aimed at ages 4-12 years old.


The City is proposing that the track will be installed in the open space on the south end corner of Coote Reserve behind the basketball courts. The track will be nestled within the trees and will activate this open space. The track is 48 metres in length (circular). Details in picture below.

Why Coote Reserve?

The Royalties for Regions grant received as part of a State election commitment has determined the funding for this project is to be allocated to a Coote Reserve Location. Community consultation will be considered if this location is suitable. No other location will be considered due to the grant requirements. 

How will it be installed?

There are minimal earthworks required during the installation of the pump track. The primary works will include the relocation of reticulation, the laying of a base structure for the track to sit on and landscaping to link the facility to the reserve. No trees will be removed from Coote reserve to make way for the pump track. 

The City intends to include a future budget to add additional path connections and seating in coming years to complete the project.


It is estimated that the installation will be completed before 30 June 2018. 

The community has the opportunity to provide feedback and questions in writing to . Closing date for submissions is 31 January 2018.

Baldivis Pump Track VIDEO